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Things We Don’t Do Part 1: Back Squat

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-January 7th, 2020- This is going to be a series of posts on things/exercises we don’t do at The Dynamic Athlete. There are 3 specific exercises that are very popular that we do not do and this will highlight the 1st. The Back Squat. Probably the most well known and used exercise for leg strength, […]

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High Performance Lacrosse Training Camp (VIDEO)

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-February 19th, 2013- Video from Day 3 of the High Performance Lacrosse Training Camp featuring Dan Dawson sponsored by Reebok Lacrosse. The Strength portion of the training is 1 hour long and focuses on developing Power and Full Body Strength. Some of the exercises featured in the video are the Trap Bar Deadlift, Incline Dumbell […]

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