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May Athlete of the Month: Kerry Reinke

-May 28th, 2019-

This month we feature one of our Adult Athletes, Kerry Reinke. Kerry has been in our Adult classes for about a year now.

With a busy work schedule that includes travel, being on the Oakville Lacrosse Board, having 3 young athletes that need driving around, Kerry has remained consistent in getting his workouts in and that consistency has lead to some awesome results.

Recently he shared these results from his yearly physical:

  • Body fat from 20.5% to 11.3%, lost 21 lbs of body fat
  • Lung Capacity up 30%, resting heartbeat down 10 beats/min
  • All flexibility tests from average/below average to above average
  • All strength tests from average/below average to above average
  • Heart attack risk from above average to below average risk

We don’t take much credit for this though as we can only tell someone the right things to do, but it is up to the person to put the effort into those to get the results. A great program on a piece of paper is just a piece of paper.

Kerry’s effort and consistency is what got the results.

On top of that he shared this: “Yes, you only ‘tell me what to do’ but you’ve also created an environment that I want and look forward to coming into.”

Congrats Kerry, now go dominate in your summer Softball season!

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