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High Performance Training Highlights

-March 24th, 2016-

RockHPSCamp-by Sean Holmes-

The High Performance Camp with Colin Doyle wrapped up on Tuesday (due to a make up session for one cancelled by weather) and again was a great success this year.

We had 8 different organizations represented by the dedicated athletes who spent their time training and learning from one of the greatest players to ever play the game (Doyle, not me!).

We wish them all the most success this year as they worked hard and improved alot. It’s easily my favourite camp that I’m part of and look forward to it again next year already.

We had some fun in the gym on the last night to reward their hard work. Although at one time the boys were discussing muscle ups and how they can’t do one. So I got Coach Jaclyn to step in to demonstrate/show up the boys.

They did have their fun though with the sled push relay race. It came down to the 5th race in the best of 5 with evenly matched teams.

Once again best of luck to all who participated! #PunchIn

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  1. Heather says:

    Moose had a great time. Love it.

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