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High Performance Lacrosse Training Camp (VIDEO)

-February 19th, 2013-

Dan Dawson, Rochester Knighthawks

Dan Dawson, Rochester Knighthawks

Video from Day 3 of the High Performance Lacrosse Training Camp featuring Dan Dawson sponsored by Reebok Lacrosse.

The Strength portion of the training is 1 hour long and focuses on developing Power and Full Body Strength.

Some of the exercises featured in the video are the Trap Bar Deadlift, Incline Dumbell Bench Press, Med Ball Hip Lift, Single Arm Push Press, Goblet Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, and Landmine Anti-Rotation.

The 2nd hour on the turf had a focus of Transition play, with many full floor drills and odd man situations. Guest Instructor was Bill Greer, a top Transition player for the Toronto Rock.

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