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Dan Dawson: September Athlete of the Month

-September 29th, 2019-

Dangerous Dan Dawson is BACK!

Yes it’s his first time with the Rock, but for those that have been around since the gym started you know Dan was an athlete I worked with long before I had the job with the Rock or TheDA opened.

In the early years of the gym he would be in training with me 4-5 times a week. I’d dominate him in our mini-stick breakaway challenges. I didn’t pay for lunch for almost 2 years!

Well, he signed with the Toronto Rock this off-season and he is now back to being a regular in the gym. The hardest working player in the league.

His Team Canada jersey is still on the wall from day 1, so it’s great to have him back training and just being around (although now we all have to have our spidey senses on high alert as he is the biggest prankster in the game).

Dan has represented Canada many times, and last night Canada won the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship again.

Here’s Dan’s thoughts on representing Canada:

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