Sean Holmes

Sean-HolmesThe Owner and Head Strength Coach of The Dynamic Athlete is Sean Holmes.

Sean is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Toronto Rock and Oakville Hornets High Performance Program and has earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Kinesiology from York University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Guelph. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) And Youth Speed and Agility Specialist (YSAS).

Sean, a former Buffalo Bandit and Two-Time Mann Cup Champion, is The Dynamic Strength Coach, always looking to improve and refine his training methodologies, while finding new methods to help his athletes improve their results.

He believes in being a positive role model to the young athletes he trains, using his passion for strength and conditioning to help his athletes work towards achieving their goals and dreams.

Sean’s proven training systems as well as his philosophy on the art of coaching are what have helped us achieve such great results with our athletes/clients.

Every time you enter the gym OUR goal is to Engage-Encourage-Excite-Educate the athlete.

Sean believes that trainers shouldn’t be lifeless robots that supervise your workout.

We are coaches, and coaches are tasked with making the individuals under their watch get better. Whether it is perfecting/correcting form or encouraging the athlete to push themselves a little harder it is the COACH’s job to guarantee results are achieved while training at The Dynamic Athlete!

Whether it’s becoming a professional athlete, receiving a scholarship, or just getting more playing time on their house league team, Sean takes pride in each athlete reaching their personal goals.

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