Don’t Put Dirt in a Lamborghini-Sugar is Bad

-March 20th, 2019-

Last week was the TRAC Athletics March Break camp and as always it’s a lot of fun. The gym always runs a station of some sort during the camp where we get to work with the athletes and again, have some fun.

A new station this year was a Nutrition talk for High Performance. Keep in mind some of these kids are 6 years old and need help tying their shoes. Not an ideal audience for a nutrition talk and let me tell you I didn’t exactly know what I could do.

Then it hit me. I’ll teach them only 1 thing, that way they can remember it. I decided I’d explain why Water is way better to drink than Gatorade/Powerade.

The obvious answer is Sugar. Pretty basic right?

I thought so until a 17 year old athlete from a Prep school in the US I was training later that day out of nowhere asked me my thoughts on Gatorade and if it’s good?

That’s when a saying my Dad always said came to mind again, “There is no such thing as common sense”.

Let’s break it down:

An Adult Male should have 38 grams of sugar a day max. A female 25 grams.

A regular Gatorade has 35 grams of sugar! A G2 is better, but it still has 12 grams of sugar!

Water: 0 sugar. Obviously the best choice. And if everyone knows it, why do so many parents still buy Gatorade? You would NEVER let your child eat 3 tablespoons of sugar straight, yet they are allowed to drink it?

If an athletes body is their high performance vehicle, why would they put so much junk into?

So like I had all the 6 years repeat so they retained the message (and had a little fun):

You Don’t Put Dirt in a Lamborghini!

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Sean Holmes

The owner and Head Strength Coach of The Dynamic Athlete is Sean Holmes. Sean is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Toronto Rock and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a youth speed and agility specialist (YSAS).

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