Vitamin D: Defence against COVID-19 and Improved Sleep

-Originally posted January 22nd, 2016-

Updated January 14th, 2021

Below you will find a post from 2016 where I stress the importance of Vitamin D and it’s relationship to sleep.

However as we begin a new 28 day Stay-At-Home Order here in Ontario due to COVID-19, I feel it’s important to promote Vitamin D again as it has been found to be of importance with regards to COVID-19.

Vitamin D cannot protect you from catching COVID-19, but it can reduce the odds of you catching it as it helps with immune response to respiratory infections. Make sure you check for symptoms of dyscrasias and make sure you have options on treatment.

More importantly though, if you have adequate Vitamin D levels you’ll be in a much better place to fight against COVID.

“In an open letter being sent to world governments 120 health, science and medical experts from the UK, US, and Europe say there is clear scientific evidence that vitamin D reduces Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations, and deaths”

The experts suggest 2000 to 4000 iu daily. Personally I take 8000 iu daily.

Almost all of us here in Canada will be naturally deficient of Vitamin D in the winter, and with our new stay at home orders it will only mean people are out in the sun less, so you need to add extra supplementation.

I wish the Government would spend more time on upstream health interventions like being physically fit and having sufficient Vitamin D rather than just telling everyone to stay home.

A physically fit person can still catch COVID, but is much more likely to only have minor symptoms. That’s why all these professional athletes that have contracted COVID bounce back right away, and none that I know of have ever needed hospitalization.

It’s just unfortunate the Government decides to close gyms, when in reality we’d be much better off as a society dealing with COVID if everyone was in better physical condition.

Do your part to protect yourself and your family. Stay active. Eat well. Take more Vitamin D. Get more sleep to boost your immune system.

Original Post below

Athletes are always looking for an advantage and that’s the main reason they come to us.

To get Bigger, Stronger, Faster so that they are better than their opponent.

They are desired. Motivated. Focused. They live, eat, sleep, and breathe getting better.

But actually they don’t. Because they don’t sleep (except maybe on the weekend after going to bed at 2am).

Sleep is when our bodies repair each day. It’s when we release hormones for our bodies to adapt to the stresses of the day. And obviously, lack of sleep will make the athlete tired the next day and may compromise the next training session/practice/game (check out the infographic at the end of this blog).

Basically if we can improve the way our athletes sleep, we can greatly improve the results they will see (in their body, performance, and *gasp* school as well!).

The best way to improve sleep is to develop a routine and go to bed at the same time each night.

I also recommend Vitamin D (the Sun Vitamin). Obviously in Canada we don’t get out in the sun enough during the winter so we are deficient in Vitamin D.vitamind

Deficient Vitamin D is linked to poor sleep. Add it to your bedtime routine and you will improve the quality of your sleep.

Keys to improving sleep:

  • Develop a Routine and go to bed at the same time each night
  • Get 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Take Vitamin D an hour before bed

Try this out and see how your sleep improves, and most importantly how great you feel and maximize your training results.


About the Author

Sean Holmes

The owner and Head Strength Coach of The Dynamic Athlete is Sean Holmes. Sean is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Toronto Rock and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a youth speed and agility specialist (YSAS).

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