High Performance Lacrosse Camp Ends

-April 8th, 2013-

Last week marked the end of the 8 Week Reebok High Performance Lacrosse Camp featuring Dan Dawson.

Not only did the athletes see some incredible results up in the weight room, but Dan and myself noticed a significant improvement in their play on the turf as well.

We were blessed with a great group of dedicated young athletes that pushed themselves, cheered each other on, and bought into being part of The Dynamic Athlete family trying to make each other better.

Egos were left at the door and each session the players came to #PunchIn for another tough 2 hour session. No complaints, no slacking, no days off.

Thanks to guest instructors Paul Dawson, Bill Greer, Ed Comeau, Brodie Merrill, and Matt Vinc for their time and expertise. I know the players learned from each of them (I did as well! Where was stuff like this when I was younger?!?).

I think the boys had fun, not sure though, it’s tough to tell!!

SleeveMonster Monday
SleeveMonster Monday

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Sean Holmes

The owner and Head Strength Coach of The Dynamic Athlete is Sean Holmes. Sean is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Toronto Rock and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a youth speed and agility specialist (YSAS).

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