The Peewee program will focus on developing proper movement patterns and functional mobility in a FUN training environment so the athlete enjoys their time training with us.

Mastering a bodyweight squat, lunge, push up, and chinup will be the main goals of the strength portion of this program. If mastered, additional resistance will be added to further increase strength and maximize RESULTS.

Each athlete will be taught Acceleration and Multi-Directional movement technique to improve their running. Most places use cone drills, we actually teach the athlete how to properly get from cone to cone.

A heavy emphasis will be placed on Core training and Injury Prevention exercises to keep the athlete healthy and build the foundation for performance training in the years to come.

A main goal of the program will be to increase power and footspeed creating a much faster, more agile athlete

By improving both running technique and strength the athlete can expect to see RESULTS that transfer directly to their sports performance quickly.

Come train once a week or as many times as 3 times a week.




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“My son Ben is a Peewee aged player and began training a year ago with Sean and The Dynamic Athlete. Ben’s speed and overall strength have increased dramatically in that time. He is more explosive going to the net and his shot speed has improved greatly. Not only does Sean get results, but he also makes the training sessions fun and challenging. I would highly recommend Sean and The Dynamic Athlete to anyone looking to improve their performance.”

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