Summer FAQ’s

Is it beneficial to train even though I am playing lacrosse this summer?

YES! Training will keep you healthy as the season progresses and will make you a better athlete for later in the season when the games matter most.

My schedule isn’t always the same, can I come different days of the week?

YES! If you select the 2 or 3 days/week training you can come in any 2 days that you are available that week. With the 4 days/week program make up workouts will be held every Friday/Saturday if you have a conflict (The 2 or 3 days/week can also use these sessions).

Is it smart to workout in the morning if I have a game that night?

On days that you have a game the training session will be modified (no Conditioning for example) for you so you are not tired for the game at night. In fact, it will help prepare you to play by focusing on activating your muscles, improving joint mobility and muscle flexibility, and getting your nervous system fired up so you can perform at your highest level.

What about training the morning after a game the night before, won’t that interfere with my training session?

No. Every session will begin with soft tissue work, muscle activation, and an aggressive dynamic warm up to help you recover from the previous night’s game and prepare you to be able to train at a high intensity.

Do I pay the full amount up front or are there payment plan options?

You can pay the full amount up front or you can break the total down into equal payments.

When can I register for the program?

Registration is accepted anytime up until the program is full or there are 6 weeks left in the summer. You can begin any week you choose and the cost of the program will be prorated.

What if I am going on vacation or have to miss a week?

The cost will be prorated for any planned absences as long as they are discussed prior to registration. If the athlete misses a random week without prior notice or skips sessions the cost will not change.

Can I switch between the 2, 3, or 4 day/week options if I want to?


Can I come in the evening certain days and the mornings on other days depending on my schedule?

Yes. The program is very flexible.

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