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Sleep and Athletic Performance

-January 22nd, 2016-

Athletes are always looking for an advantage and that’s the main reason they come to us.

To get Bigger, Stronger, Faster so that they are better than their opponent.

They are desired. Motivated. Focused. They live, eat, sleep, and breathe getting better.

But actually they don’t. Because they don’t sleep (except maybe on the weekend after going to bed at 2am).

Sleep is when our bodies repair each day. It’s when we release hormones for our bodies to adapt to the stresses of the day. And obviously, lack of sleep will make the athlete tired the next day and may compromise the next training session/practice/game (check out the infographic at the end of this blog).

Basically if we can improve the way our athletes sleep, we can greatly improve the results they will see (in their body, performance, and *gasp* school as well!).

The best way to improve sleep is to develop a routine and go to bed at the same time each night.

I also recommend Vitamin D (the Sun Vitamin). Obviously in Canada we don’t get out in the sun enough during the winter so we are deficient in Vitamin D.vitamind

Deficient Vitamin D is linked to poor sleep. Add it to your bedtime routine and you will improve the quality of your sleep.

Keys to improving sleep:

  • Develop a Routine and go to bed at the same time each night
  • Get 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Take Vitamin D an hour before bed (don’t over do it, 1000iu is good)

Try this out and see how your sleep improves, and most importantly how great you feel and maximize your training results.


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  1. […] I’ve already been taking 6 Vitamin D pills with my last meal of the day as well and that hasn’t changed. In Canada especially we do not get enough natural Vitamin D from the sun so we need to supplement it. (Much more info on Vitamin D HERE) […]

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