Rock Elite Bantam Training

Open ONLY to 8 players enrolled in the Bantam Rock Elite league program, these sessions are designed to compliment the on-floor work of the players in a FUN environment.

The focus will be on reducing the athlete’s risk of injury by improving:

  • Joint Mobility in the Ankle and Hip
  • Joint Stability in the Knee
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength Specific to Lacrosse

The players will also improve:

  • Acceleration Running Technique
  • Deceleration and Change of Direction
  • Footspeed and Co-ordination
  • How to Develop Explosive Power

These sessions WILL NOT detract from the on-floor skills of the Rock Elite league, they are designed specifically knowing that the player is on the floor for 90 minutes as well.

The player will also be educated on Nutrition, Recovery techniques after games/practices, and the biggest performance enhancer of all, SLEEP!

Session Details:

  • Sunday October 4th-November 29th 2020 (8 sessions, excluding Thanksgiving Sunday)
  • Only open to maximum 8 Players in the Bantam Division
  • 2:30-3:15pm
  • $160+HST (Credit/Debit/Cheque)
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Great workout Saturday morning for the @oakvillerangershockeyclub PW AAA team. Here we are working on Lateral Bound-2 counts to improve power in the frontal plane and Plank-to-Pushups for Core Stability. We have 2 rules at the gym: 1-Try your Best 2-Have Fun The rules go in that order, and this group is one of the best. They show up every week and try their best at everything they do, and they have some fun doing it! The team is going to see great results due to their effort and we look forward to working with them all season! @trb_90 @kian_venter06 @jack.godard_19 @kohl_72 #hockey #hockeytraining #oakville #speed #strength #mobility #coretraining #plyometrics #lateralbound #power

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*You do not have to pick which session to attend. Your on-floor time that week will dictate which training session you attend.

To Register or If You Have Any Questions email or call 416-894-9805(cell) or 905-338-5863(gym)