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Elite Summer Program

The Elite Summer Program at The Dynamic Athlete begins Monday May 4, 2020, and this year will be very different than years past.

It is a High Intensity program for dedicated athletes age 13 and up who are looking to get RESULTS!

With the gym closed due to COVID-19, we will be starting this years program Virtually, and will be moved into the gym hopefully sooner than later.

Sports will return, and you need to be ready when they do. It’s time to stop doing random workouts posted online and start the process of training.

The difference between working out and training, is that training has a plan. A purpose. A goal. Each phase of a training program builds upon the previous phase. Each week within a phase builds on the week before.

Using the Bridge App, the best app for Strength and Conditioning on the market, each athlete will get a personalized program based on their equipment (or lack of) available.

The app has videos for every exercise directly in the workout for that day.

The app also tracks weights used (if applicable), reps performed over time, bodyweight, nutrition, soreness, sleep, as well as a post workout exertion form.

It is a shared app that allows us to communicate directly in the app, and allows the Coach to keep each athlete accountable to complete their workouts.

Athletes can post pics/videos to get their form checked while in the app.

We will have 2 age groups for training when we get into the gym and that will be divided based on enrolment however 13-15 and 16+ is the plan.

The program will feature 5 Phases:
Phase 1-Foundational Training-Mobility/Corrective/Technique/Movement Training
Phase 2-Hypertrophy-Higher rep ranges to increase muscle size and gain lean mass
Phase 3-Maximum Strength-Turning the increased size into maximum strength
Phase 4-Power-Turning strength into power to maximize speed and performance
Phase 5-Power Endurance-Making sure you can express power over an entire game

Nutritional Guidance/Education and Food Journals will be completed regularly to maximize results.

Featuring athletes from the Oakville Blades and NCAA hockey and lacrosse players, this group is the pinnacle of summer training and is designed to make athletes BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER!

Using proven training methods and led by Toronto Rock and Oakville Hornets High Performance Program Coach Sean Holmes this program will see you set personal bests in multiple areas including Strength, Speed, Agility, Power, and Endurance!




Space is limited to allow for personal tailoring of the program for each individual’s needs for maximum results. Within this small group is a team atmosphere where the athletes work together to push each other to reach new heights.

Once in the gym participants can choose to train 2,3, or 4 Sessions per week. Days and Times are flexible week to week based on the athlete’s game/work schedule.

For Lacrosse players each session can be adjusted based on your game and practice schedule in the summer to maximize results while not detracting from your performance in Summer Lacrosse!

*Check out our FAQ’s page for a lot more info to see if this program would work for you!*

Camp Details:
Days: Monday to Thursday (makeup sessions are Friday/Saturday mornings)
Dates: May 4th-September3rd, 2020 (17 weeks)

Virtual Training: $100+HST/4 week program
4-5 Training days/week. Train at your own time, but with a Coaches support!

In Gym Training:
Time: 10-11:30am or 6:30-8pm
4 Sessions/Week=$110+HST/week
3 Sessions/Week=$90+HST/week
2 Sessions/Week=$65+HST/week

Cost will be prorated for those joining later and for whenever we move into the gym!

Payment plans are available

To Register or If You Have Any Questions Please Contact Sean at 416-894-9805 (cell) or email


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