Our Steps to Re-Open During COVID-19

-May 21st, 2020-

It’s been over 2 months since we voluntarily closed the gym on March 16th as the Pandemic broke out. I must admit I didn’t see us being off this long.

But finally, it appears the end is in sight. While I don’t have a firm date on when we can/will re-open, the process to be ready has already started. Unfortunately, it will not be “back to normal”.

Obviously, it will be different. We are working in conjunction with the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre to make sure the facility is the safest and cleanest possible.

As I transition from Full Time Strength Coach to Part Time Strength Coach/Full Time Cleaner here are some of the plans we may implement to keep all of our athletes/clients safe:

  • The TRAC is installing multiple new hand sanitization stations throughout the building, including the gym
  • We may only open for 1-1 training to start, but if there are groups it will be no more than 5-6 per sessions.
  • If in small group, you will be assigned an area to train. You pick your weights and everything is in your area, which will be properly distanced from others. It gets Sanitized before it gets put back after the session.
  • No shared equipment during a session.
  • We will use outdoor space as much as possible to allow further distancing
  • Hard start/end times to every workout. There will be a 10-30 minute gap between all sessions for the coaches to thoroughly sanitize between
  • After your session you must exit the building immediately. You are asked to not arrive early for your session. If you do, wait in the car. We want to eliminate people passing each other on the stairs or the hallway leading to the gym.
  • Coaches will wear n95 mask/gloves as directed/regulated by the Government.
  • High traffic areas will be cleaned between each session with industrial grade cleaner
  • Temperature tests for everyone with infrared thermometer before entering
  • A full and regular sanitization of the gym using a fog machine

As we get closer to re-opening day, we may add or alter the plan but it will always be above and beyond what is required. The gym will be much safer than grocery shopping with 50 strangers!

Obviously we require the co-operation from all of our athletes/clients as well. Starting with if you don’t feel well, PLEASE STAY HOME! That rule will apply to Coaches too.

We are in this together. Our 1st rule in programming/training is Do No Harm. It has never been more serious. We closed the gym March 16th proactively because safety is number 1, and the health of TheDA family will remain the focus.

We should re-open in early June, however just because we can open does not me we will open. I will decide when I think it is safe and in the best interest of all of our athletes/clients/coaches.

Thank you for understanding, thank you for your support. It’s time to re-build the gym to be better than ever and to have a safe, fun, energetic facility we can all enjoy!

If you have any questions/concerns please reach out to me at 416-894-9805 or sean@thedynamicathlete.ca

About the Author

Sean Holmes

The owner and Head Strength Coach of The Dynamic Athlete is Sean Holmes. Sean is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Toronto Rock and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a youth speed and agility specialist (YSAS).

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