What Is TheDA Difference? The 4 E’s!

-October 29th, 2015-

What is The Dynamic Athlete Difference?

It’s our coaching.

While our training programs are proven to work as evidenced by our athletes, what really makes the difference is our coaching philosophy and it’s a system I created called The 4 E’s.

Many of you may know I’m a tiny bit of a fan of Disney Cruises. OK, maybe I’m a bit more than a small fan. My wife and I-we don’t have any kids- have been on 5 Disney Cruises in the past 3 years, including one for our honeymoon!discruiselogo2

(Trust me, if you made a strange face while reading that I’ve seen it many times before. However if you’ve been on a Disney Cruise I’m sure you can understand completely)

Their customer service is unmatched. The experience they provide is unmatched. What amazed me most was that on a 7 day cruise my wife Dawn and I would go to the Bar for the entertainment geared towards the Parents/Adults at night.

Comedians, Music Trivia, Spouse Match Games (my personal favourite to see) etc. But what got me was every night it was the same bartenders/servers. Every night they were in a good mood. Every night they were having fun with their jobs. Not one night off all 7 days. And they do it for 6 months straight!

Anyways, after looking at what it was they do that makes the experience so memorable and trying to apply it to our training here at TheDA I have developed a system that I believe is truly what separates us.

It’s our version of The Disney Experience and I call it The 4 E’s!

The 4 E’s are: Engage, Encourage, Excite, Educate. This is the perfect training session. Let’s break it down.

ENGAGE: We need to engage the athlete when they enter the gym. Whether it be a high five or an energetic “What’s Up?” the person needs to feel welcome. Further, we need to set the tone for the session, what the focus will be that day so the athlete is part of the results and engaged in the process, rather than go through the motions.

ENCOURAGE: We need to encourage the athlete to perform better. Whether it be have better technique in an Olympic lift than they did before, or lift 5 more pounds, or do the last set of conditioning a bit faster than the one before we need to encourage the athlete to get better.

EXCITE: As coaches, we do this job to help others reach their goals. So when the athlete does lift more, or gets their acceleration running technique better, or holds a plank a bit longer than before we need to get excited about it. If we aren’t excited by their improvement, why would the athlete be?

EDUCATE: This is last in the list although it is the most important for the Coaches. We need to be able to educate the athlete on why we are doing every exercise/drill and how it will help them in their specific sport. There is a WHY to everything we do at TheDA. I always say we love questions because it lets us show you how smart we are!

That’s it! If we engage you and get you energized, if we encourage you to lift more or perform better technique, if we get excited and therefore get you excited about getting better, and if we can educate you as to why what we just did will make you better than together we will get AMAZING RESULTS!

And that is The Dynamic Athlete Difference!

About the Author

Sean Holmes

The owner and Head Strength Coach of The Dynamic Athlete is Sean Holmes. Sean is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Toronto Rock and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a youth speed and agility specialist (YSAS).

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