Proper Nutrition for Young Athletes Starts with the Parent

-May 7, 2013-Nutrition

“You Can’t Out-Train a Poor Diet!”

This is one of my favourite quotes. You can train hard 4 days a week for up to 8 hours doing all the right things in the gym.

But if you stop at McDonalds on your way home, you’ll never get the results you SHOULD be getting.

Nutrition is easily 70% of results in a training program. I get many questions from parents if I give their child nutritional advice during our training sessions.

The answer is yes, but only a limited amount. The reason for this is that the person I really need to talk to about nutrition is not the kid, but the parent.

As a parent you are the one that buys the food at the grocery store (hopefully not the fast food restaurant!). You are the one that decides what’s for dinner, what to make for your child’s lunch at school.

I can explain macro-nutrients and meal timing and a whole bunch of things to your child, but if you pick them up after their training session and bring them home to Hot Dogs and Fries that talk doesn’t mean a thing.

Sure they may skip that meal once cause they just received a lecture, but over time they will always pick what’s easiest and what’s easiest is what’s on the table or in the cupboard.

Nutrition is of extreme importance to training results and it begins at home. Every athlete that signs up for Summer Training Programs at The Dynamic Athlete will be receiving nutritional information handouts to maximize their results!

I found a link to a PDF with some basic guidelines from the Ontario Lacrosse Association on general nutrition, but also on what to eat on days of tournaments with multiple games.

You can view it HERE


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